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Lighting Design Concepts

If you are new to the world of inside design, you’ve probably heard the term Design concept declaration thrown around, but you cannot know exactly what this means or why it is significant..

Light Design concept

conc-design-roomstatements are built-in to a number of design scenarios. They often accompany resume entries as part of your portfolio, or they might be requested by a customer or as part of the entry contents for design contest.

It’s essential that you are able to compose a strong concept statement to stay competitive in the design world. Design concept statements are meant to clearly and efficiently convey the designer’s strategy for an area to the audience or customer. The statement must address what the designer has been doing or may do to create a particular feeling in the space, like openness, energy or sophistication. The statement might be part of the display including visual images or drawings of the space. One expert might use the statement to recap the customer’s needs and desires, and show how the project will meet those needs.

Another might create extremely detailed explanations of the interior

And describe how the viewer will be affected as she moves throughout the space. In case your client gives you particular guidelines for the declaration, make sure to follow them. Your statement should include either the intentions or goals for the space and the particular methods you will use to accomplish them.

Describe how a lighting, colors and pieces of furniture you have chosen will work together to give the space a homey feeling.

Your statement should clearly describe your distinctive approach to the project at hand. Avoid unclear, subjective statements that do not include a clear objective for the space or that fail to describe how you’ll achieve these goals. Try to say just as much as you may in the fewest words possible.

A design concept declaration is actually a written communication wherein you describe your strategies for the space at hand to a customer or other audience. The simple truth is, there isn’t a single correct way to compose a design concept for indoor and outdoor assertion, but you’ll find recommendations which might help make yours great.